Risum Studio
The VR is coming
We craft experiences for it
We Work In 3 Directions
VR for HMD's
We craft content for HTC Vive,
Oculus Rift
Mobile VR
We create experiences for Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream and other VR headsets
Augmented Reality
We develop AR apps for iOS and Android. We would love to build something
for Hololens and project Alloy
Our Developers Have Developed
These Projects
Five of you. Five of them. Face off in a battle where everything you build, destroy, construct or shoot has a devastating impact on the entire game. Build defences using a crazy range of block types and work together in this FPS where no game is EVER the same.

complex gui, simple shaders in gui,
news system
Having witnessed an almost complete extermination of humankind at the hands of the Cylons, the Colonials fled for their lives in a motley collection of assorted spacecraft led by the Battlestar class ship Galactica. Stranded in an unexplored area of space, these last humans desperately seek a way to escape to Earth before the inevitable retaliation of the Cylons.

character customization system, gui
Riding Club Championships is a horse riding game focusing on online competitions. Compete in show jumping, barrel racing, pole bending, agility and jump agility. You can play alone, against friends, in ranked games against random players, or in our weekly tournament.

core gameplay, animations system, gui
Grimm: Dark Legacy is a tale of deep, dark exploration, survival, and blood thirsty combat in a medieval setting. Form a ruthless band of Grimm and begin your journey: Hunt, Craft, and Slay the hordes of Wesen in this co-operative, rogue-lite survival game.

backend, some frontend logic
Entropy is an open-universe science fiction MMO with a strong focus on freeform gameplay and large-scale space combat. Explore a hostile galaxy filled with over a hundred solar systems, each completely explorable, where you can hunt, trade, mine and salvage in order to survive.

backend, some frontend logic
What We Do
Frontend Unity, Unreal Engine
Backend Scala, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
Design 3D/2D graphics, Animations
Alexander Sukhanov
Production director of Risum Studio
Product manager Salt & Pepper Agency
Co-founder of RisumVR
Vladimir Andreev
CEO of Risum Studio
Production director Salt & Pepper Agency
Co-founder of RisumVR — eye tracking and emotion recognition technology for VR headsets
Our Leaders
Our Advisers
Stanislav Guskov
CEO of Piviart
Mohammed Badran
Creative Technology Director at Isobar
Marc Anderson
Owner at Rainfall, an interactive design and branding studio in New York.
Risum Studio
If you haven't worked with Alex yet, you're missing out! Alex is one of the best development counterparts I've ever worked with. He's great at managing his team, finding solutions that are more beneficial to the client, communicating, and managing client expectations. What sets him apart is his ability to make the confusing understandable. Alex takes the time to walk through each aspect of a project explaining even the smallest details to make sure all parties are aligned. Alex was a great partner throughout my entire project and I would work with him again anytime.
Stephen Loper
Senior Producer at Fantasy
I've been working with guys for several years now. The thing I like the most is their ability to build the project quickly and with a high quality. Since we've started working with the guys, the production process in our agency became a lot simpler. I recommend Risum Studio.
Aziz Raufov
Producer at Unite
Thanks to Risum Studio for the interactive space organizing at our joint events! Interesting! Stylishly! Fun!
The users and the customer are very satisfied, and this is very important! We look forward to furthering cooperation! Thanks a lot!
Evgenij Shevchenko
CEO at SVN Media Group
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us

+7 915 705 77 72
[email protected]
Russia, Moscow